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Just wait....hear the pity drip from thy lips> - Story Of A Rising Monarch [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Just wait....hear the pity drip from thy lips> [Oct. 13th, 2004|02:42 am]
Who is it breaking my thoughts adding to the never subtracting notion that what i dream will face our reality , it becomes her always waiting to smile never becoming content heart breaker for life until she finds the one the one that breaks her heart so open minded but shamelessly closed to the idea of her happiness because of the fear of satisfaction that endless conquest of more more more , what makes you happy not me not in the eyes that watch the beauty of you every day waiting for the same never having the guts inside to finish a simple argument like a child i am , lets leave it as this nobody in this world feels the way i do about you now but you care the same for others never never never , leave me her in this silence of cluelessness, but the wait is becoming unbearable

To another: u realize the serious actions i have taken in the response to a act of war..... ha ha ha... is my laughter... into your face.... while my glow shines as the sun in the sky u have fallen to dept's of your own hell...leave a notion to nail at the door....the truce accepts itself with grave penatly's....the silence continues...consider me as u do the rest.....remember the fame....the glory....i was your best years....capitalize...this time alone....taught by the best....its time we both do it for our selves...except the harsh truth....karma has come for redemption.....goodbye